Monday, July 4, 2016

Govt of india has launched two new courses in nursing

A big turning point for nursing profession,

Govt of india has launched two new courses in nursing

 1. Nursing practioner in primary health care.

It will be one year diploma resident programme,  the minimum qualification for admission is GNM/B.Sc. Nursing with one year experience. After completion this course, the candidate will be eligible to provide full health care to patient in rural area as per as MBBS doctor. 

2. Nursing practioner in critical care. 

This programme will be two years  post graduate degree resident programme. The minimum qualification for admission will be B.Sc. Nursing with one year experience in critical care only like ICU, CCU, Neurology. After completion this course, candidate will be eligible to providing independent health care to the patients in critical units and free for independent medical treatment in urban and rural areas and in big institutes as a nursing consultants.

Both programmes will be resident programmes . The Nursing residents also work as Medical residents in hospital setup, there duties also 24hrs duty , they will also get the salary as per medical residents.

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