Sunday, July 3, 2016

8 Signs You Might Have Serious Metabolism Issues

8 Signs You Might Have Serious Metabolism Issues

1. Cold Hands & Feet (and overall low body temperature)

Do you always have cold hands and feet whether it’s winter or summer? When overall body temperature is cold it’s a sign that your metabolism might be in danger.

2. Frequent Urination

Despite what some people may think or teach, clear urine and the need to pee frequently are red flags for metabolism issues.

3. Frequent Headaches

Do you find yourself getting headaches often? Do you struggle with brain fog? Time to check up on your metabolic health.

 4. Poor Digestion and Food Intolerances

Because metabolic health is critical to digestion and food assimilation, poor digestion and food intolerance issues are both signs of poor metabolic health.

5. Sleep Problems and Insomnia

This was the issue that finally got me take my metabolic health seriously. Whether it’s problems going to sleep or waking up wired in the middle of the night, sleep disturbances are often a thing of the past once your metabolism has been healed.

6. Mood Swings

Dramatic shifts in mood and overall instability are another sign of poor metabolic health.

7. Blood Sugar Crashes & Instability

My blood sugar issues were pretty bad several years ago, but I didn’t catch on that it was connected to my metabolism issues until after I recovered. Now I feel much more stable, don’t deal with nasty sugar cravings, and don’t turn into the incredible hulk if I am an hour late to dinner. (Although, I’m rarely late for any meal! Ha!)

8. Weight Gain

Weight gain (and in some cases, the inability to gain weight) are other signs of poor metabolic health. Excess weight in the midsection is particularly a sign your metabolism could use some nourishing.

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