Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Natural Home Remedy for Ingrown Toenail

       There are few things more irritating than an ingrown nail cutting into your foot all day. Ingrown nails occur when the nail grows into the soft tissue rather than out. The most common site is the big toe, you may have a painful and swollen red area that’s sensitive to touch and vulnerable to infection. They are caused by improperly trimmed toenails, too tight shoes and socks, or plain bad luck. You can get your nail back where it goes with these remedies for ingrown toenails:

    There are many over-the-counter products for treatment of ingrown toenails, some contain natural agents and others contain chemicals, or both. The best natural options for ingrown toenails contain tea tree oil, menthol, or other essential oils.

  • What you can try at home for ingrown toenails:

      Fill a basin with 8 liters (2 gallons) hot water and several tablespoons epsom salt or sea salt, stir until it dissolves then soak your foot for 20 minutes, then rinse, dry, and apply clean socks. Repeat every day until the redness disappears. The hot water will soften the skin around the ingrown nail and the salt will help combat infection and reduce swelling.

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