Sunday, September 27, 2015

National Daughters Day

       National Daughters Day have been widely known to be celebrated on September 26 and even the fourth Sunday of September. Some people even tag national Daughters Day to be on October 1. This is the day the parents should make their daughters feel that they are not a burden, especially in India, and that they are blessed to have wonderful daughters as their children. World Daughters Day is celebrated on September 28. Parents convey their unending devotion and adoration for their daughters through wishes of Happy Daughters Day and shower lavish gifts to make them feel special. International Daughter's Day is also known to be celebrated on September 4 of each year. The day of Daughters Day celebration varies from country to country.

      The concept of National Daughters Week is not very much hyped till date. So it is difficult to identify Daughters Week 2015. Daughters Week dates have not been officially declared anywhere. More about When is Daughters Day 2015

:-) Daughters day History
Daughters Day was initiated in an attempt to remove the stigma attached to a girl child. This trend has been quite vicious in a developing country like India, where it even leads to infanticides. Parents share their feelings that it is indeed blessed to have a beautiful girl child on this happy occasion.

:-) Daughters and Fathers
Dads and daughters make an absolutely delightful pair. It is very frequently seen that fathers are extremely caring and protective about their girl child or their daughters. The good daughters are always obedient and try to meet up to their parents’ expectations in every possible way. Daughters and fathers can also be the very best of friends, advising and being there for each other in moments of joys and sorrows. Daughters are brought up to be the parents’ support taking care of them in their last years of life. And daughters being more loving and sensitive fulfil the role very naturally and elegantly. 

:-) Daughters and Mothers
Have you ever noticed the closeness of moms and daughters and felt the warmth of the bonding? Moms are daughters’ best friends and vice versa. In their childhood, daughters bring immense pleasure with their innocence and grace to their parents’ lives. As she grows, she starts sharing the household responsibilities. She starts earning to contribute to the family’ financial requirements and takes charge of the whole household. Mums and daughters share their moments of pain and happiness and be a support to each other.

:-) Daughters and Sons
Ideally, daughters and sons should be equally close to parents’ hearts. But unfortunately, in developing and underdeveloped countries like India, there’s a huge discrepancy in how daughters and sons are reared. The society of such countries is stigmatised with the evils of girl child infanticide, dowry deaths, child marriages, women getting exploited in every field of life, personal and professional, while sons enjoy all the privileges of a male-dominated society. Daughters and sons should be treated equally and let’s all join hands together this Daughters Day and silently pledge to rid the society of exploitation against the fairer sex. 

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